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Chemical Peel Aftercare

*do not use soap for the first 12 hours. Cold water may be used after 20 mins post application.

  • Do not scrub or exfoliate the skin for 2 weeks

  • You should start peeling in 2-3 days for the face

  • One week if the peel was applied to the body

  • Do not pick or pull the peeling skin

  • No heavy exercise for the first 3 days post peel, and the firtst 3 days after you start peeling

  • Do not use hot water or steam (open shower door, and/or window when showering)

  • Wash area with only sensitive skin cleanser

  • Use only oil-free products for 2 weeks (to prevent breakouts)

  • Use SPF 50+ in the sun (oil-free)

  • re-apply SPF every 2 hours

  • Avoid direct sun exposure for at least 3 weeks

  • Do not use any harsh chemicals on the skin (acids, toners, alcohols)

  • *Use oil-free moisturizer throughout the entire peeling process, especially if the skin feels tight or dry.

Enjoy your peel!

  • Any questions call SMPByKara at 718-650-7176