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Cucumbers and Cellulite

This is my journey on how I diminished my cellulite...

Inspiration for this blog post came from reading an article on hydration and natural foods containing lots of water/moisture.

I've always been an excessive water drinker. I strongly believe staying hydrated within is great for maintaining glowing healthy skin and overall health.

Unfortunately this year, I've noticed a slight change. As I was doing my usual nude checkout in the mirror, I flexed my muscles in self-appreciation...And then i noticed it on the back of my leg and buttocks -cellulite!

Being a licensed aesthetician I have preformed numerous treatments on cellulite with a machine. I know the results take time and dedication. In disappointment of my lack of free time to dedicate to cellulite treatments, I was then in search of a more natural solution. There must be something out there that will at least diminish the appearance! After all, I noticed this problem early on, hoping to reverse it or at least keep it from progressing. So I decided to take on the cellulite myself and kick some cellulite behind.

Being an avid cat lover I remembered doing a Google search on a cat's recommended water intake, where I learned a very interesting fact, and that is; Cat food contains moisture which contributes to adequate hydration considering cats do not drink as much water as they should. Further personal reassurance that what i will be doing next will work.

So I started researching different foods containing higher amounts of water. Cucumbers and watermelon were on the top of the list of natural foods containing water. This just might be the natural solution I was searching for!

I figured I would start with my diet along with incorporating more foods containing water, in addition to the adequate amount of water I drink (recommended 8 glasses+ water daily), including some cardio and targeted exercise. I have very limited free time, so the exercise would be the hardest thing to incorporate. I made an effort by downloading a few apps to give me very brief exercises to do for a month. I also enjoy hiking if I ever have a free day which is rare. Here are the names of the apps i downloaded: (iOS app store)

Daily Abs , 30 Day Squats, 30 Day Arms, 30 Day Abs - worth a try!


Every day I picked up sliced cucumbers for lunch and ate them plain. No salt, no dressing, just plain cucumber slices. I even found a spot by my job that juices. I ordered a juice a few times a week made from cucumber, carrots, spinach, green apple, ginger and lemon. All fresh ingredients thrown into a juicer.

In conclusion, incorporating cucumbers into my diet once a day resulted in a significant reduction in the appearance of cellulite in the back of my legs and buttocks.

Before and afters coming soon!